General Guidelines for Speech and Debate Tournaments:

I.                    General code of conduct for tournaments

A.     Students are expected to act as professionals.

1.      Respect your coaches and officers always.

2.      Judges, other squads, and the general public observe behavior.   Be careful when discussing other contestants, judges, etc.

3.      Pay particular attention to behavior in rounds.  Always be quiet during a competition, especially as an observer.  Do not pass notes.  If a student causes a serious disruption, s/he may be barred from the next tournament.

4.      Stay for all of the performances in a round.

B.     Clean up after yourselves in rooms and the common areas at the tournament.

C.     ALWAYS BE ON TIME TO YOUR ROUNDS.  Failure to be on time could result in being dropped from the round.  The student is responsible for any penalty fees.

D.     If problems arise in the course of the competition, notify Mr. Mason immediately following the particular round.  If you notice a problem before a round, talk to Mr. Mason BEFORE you compete.  Do not attempt to resolve issues on your own.  Mr. Mason is responsible for resolving any protests.

E.      Dress in a professional manner.  One study found that 55% of what people think of you are decided before you even open your mouth.  First impressions are very important.

Dress code for competition is:

1.      Slacks and ties for males.  Also, matching belt, dress shoes, dress socks. A suit jacket is recommended.

2.      Dresses or nice skirts/slacks for women.  Hose and appropriate dress shoes required.  Suits are recommended.

3.      No jeans or exceedingly flamboyant clothing.  Be classy.

4.      Styled and well-kept hair for men and women.

5.      Excessive make up is not permitted: None to light make up only.

6.      Jewelry should be sparse and in good taste.  If Mr. Mason asks you to remove something before a round, do so.

7.      Men should avoid wearing earrings.

F.      Radios, CD players, etc. are allowed at tournament unless prohibited by the host school.  IF you choose to bring them, it is at your own risk.

G.     Pagers are prohibited.


Overnight Trip Guidelines:

1.      No male and female students may be alone in a hotel room at any time.

2.      Students MAY NOT leave their rooms after lock in.


I agree to abide by these guidelines and all policies of Kempner High School.  My student has my permission to travel to speech and debate tournaments


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